Can You Use A Drone For YouTube Videos?

Both flying drones and making YouTube videos are great hobbies or even a good income source for many people. 

Both of them are offering opportunities to generate a side income or even practice it as a full-time job. But combining these activities might be a more profitable and yet fun opportunity. 

From here comes the question: Can you use a drone for YouTube videos?

The regulations about uploading drone videos to youtube are similar in many countries. The FAA in the US is requiring every commercial drone pilot to become certified. Are you falling under these regulations if you are uploading videos to YouTube? Keep reading and find out.

Can drones take videos?

First of all, I would like to figure out why is it even possible to use a drone for taking videos for YouTube. No matter what kind of drone are you using, they are offering experiences and feelings that a lot of other hobbies can’t.

drone video for youtube

Flying above and around rivers, trees, or even mountains and watching it live can make you feel free. I think this is the main reason why thousands of people are willing to pay 500 – 1000 dollars for a little tool like a drone.

Flying, in general, is not risk-free even though the engineers and the airlines are making all efforts to reduce the possibility of accidents.

Drones are making it possible to experience this feeling without the danger of getting hurt (at least physically).

The little cameras, and the GoPro-s mounted on drones are the real reasons why even adults are taking this hobby so seriously.

These cameras are making it possible to record everything that can be seen from that height. Besides watching the flight in the first-person view from your phone or with FPV Goggles you also have the chance to record the whole flight.

These tapes will have better qualities, which is a good reason to share your experiences with other people.

Uploading these videos on social media or YouTube is allowed. But there are several influencing factors that you need to have in mind.

Do you need any license to post drone videos on YouTube?

Flying a drone is regulated in the majority of countries. It might be frustrating to get a license for a hobby like this, but my personal opinion is these rules were created and put in action for a good reason.

No matter where are you from, the regulations are very similar if we are speaking about using these drone videos on YouTube.

The basic rule is that if you are not monetizing videos made with drones, you are not falling under any regulations.

So, if you are uploading flight videos only to share the beautiful places you saw without getting any money for it, you are good to go without any license.

Flying drones only for a recreation purpose and not making any profits with it?

So, you are flying it only for fun without the intention of selling the video or monetizing it anyhow. Then you don’t have to be afraid of any consequences.

But if you are planning to get paid for these videos with display ads, paid advertising, affiliate memberships, or with any kind of monetization method, it won’t be a bad idea to get licensed.

In the US the FAA is requiring you to get a drone license if you are flying it to earn money or with the intent of promoting your drone business.

In this case, they are requiring you to have a Part 107 remote pilot certificate or drone license.

At least a lot of people are interpreting the regulation this way. The truth is that in many countries like the US, the regulations are not clarified enough.

This “commercial” flying with drones might not include videos uploaded to YouTube.

I need to clarify that I’m not a lawyer or anything similar. I’m a simple person like you, gathering information from forums, trustworthy blogs, and YouTubers.

The general rule is almost nobody knows for 100% sure what the real regulations are in their case.

Does the FAA in the US or similar regulators in other countries care about these YouTube videos?

These days every country has thousands of regulations for almost everything in this life.

But the reality is no government can monitor and verify every existing person based on every regulation. Basically, it is almost impossible.

What does this mean for you?

Do they really care for small regulations like for drones? Or do you have to be afraid for someone to come after you?

There are many similar questions. And the basic rule is that in general you won’t be punished for uploading 1 simple video on YouTube. Most possibly they won’t come after you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advising you to upload drone footage and monetize your videos without any license.

These rules were created not only for getting your money.

They are protecting you and the ones around you too. Drones are not only simple little flying toys with the capability of taking pictures and recording videos.

These licenses are helping you to know more about the general rules of using aerospace without risking someone else’s health or property.

Even if you are 100% sure about your capabilities, my personal opinion is that getting that license won’t take too much time and money.

A single complaint about your activity or a minor incident can cause you problems.

And if you think about it, both of them are realistic. No matter if you are a hobby YouTuber/Drone pilot, they will have to investigate even the minor cases.

You can’t be sure the drone won’t crash or no one will report you for flying drones.

If you are reading this article, you probably heard about YouTubers who got serious fines from FAA.

Making videos and uploading them to YouTube without following rules might not be the best idea.

Even if you are 98% sure that you won’t be caught for your peace of mind getting that license might be a wise idea.

How to get permission to film with a drone and use it on YouTube?

To become a certified Remote Pilot, you need to complete the following three rules based on the regulations of FAA in the US:

Step 1: Learn the Rules about what is allowed and not under Part 107

Step 2: Pass the Knowledge Test and became FAA-Certified Drone Pilot

For more details visit the official site of the FAA.

Step 3: Register your drone with the FAA

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